This recipe just isn't possible without the right tools. I’m in NZ and our current temps are around 21-22degrees. The buttercream recipe from your chocolate mocha cake I made for Christmas, would that recipe work to pipe it into rosettes as well? Thank you in advance. Hi Maid! What size cake rounds do you plan to use? Hi Robert! I would like to try this recipe with chocolate. If just a day or two it should be fine at room temperature. This looks amazing! Hello, I want to make make a cake for Mother’s Day this weekend. I actually haven’t heard that but I would definitely try it if it’s smoother. I am planning a baby shower and fell in love with this recipe. It’s a fave , Hi Olivia ,,, thanks so much for sharing this recipe,,, i was asking if you have a cream recipe for cake and cupcake frosting like a cake shops that does not solidified in the fridge ,,, when i put it in the fridge its still soft from out side ,,, i love you and your recipes and i like to learn more from you ,,, i love sweet and cake making ,,, thanks so much, Hi! The first layer of buttercream is called a ‘crumb coat’. SMBC is definitely smoother and it still my favourite. That being said, it’s always better to have extra frosting than not enough, and it freezes really well! It will last for a week or so in the fridge. Simple Vanilla Buttercream (American Buttercream Recipe). Then slowly whisk in the flour, making sure not to over … I honestly don’t understand how it could have possibly run all over the cake. Hello! Whipping cream helps with the texture — makes it less stiff but also light and fluffy. Hi Jessy! Definitely my go-to recipe! It’s a matter of preference , Hi, with this simple vanilla buttercream recipe can i pipe this rosettes, it will hold the shape? The only frosting that wouldn’t become firm in the fridge AND hold up in hot weather is one made with shortening instead of butter — but those ones don’t taste as good . I’ve gone through the comments but couldn’t find this. Hi Mia! You can control the consistency by varying the amount of cream, so just put in as much as you need. I’m trying to get a hold of some to experiment but it’s hard to get hold of atm! I think any heavy cream will work. Is it possible to use coconut cream in this? I usually add flavourings right after the last bit of powdered sugar is incorporated, but if it’s a fruit puree, I’d add it near the end instead. This recipe sounds fantastic, I love buttercream icing. I also used your beautiful photo as my inspiration. Cover cake in a crumb coat, chill, and then cover with a generous layer of white buttercream. Hi Mae! Happy belated birthday! and if I take them out of the fridge – how long before the icing is ruined? ), Swiss Meringue buttercream which is much thicker, creamier frosting and Italian Meringue buttercream which is a much more complex buttercream to make using eggs and heated sugar. Usually mine comes out allotment too whipped and my flowers tend to break at the ends instead of be a smooth petal . Thank you so much for sharing and I’ll be check my emails for more amazing emails from you! If that makes sense. Hi Bhagy! Hi Chathurika! I’m assuming whipping. Fill a piping bag with a star nozzle and pipe onto cupcakes or smear in the middle and over the top … . I was cruising through Tastespotting looking for my own recently approved submission and saw this cake and it stopped me in my tracks., WOWZA! Thanks so much Mihiro! Your creations are gorgeous and I love the fact that you’re so generous with your recipes. Hi Nadia! This is a beautiful icing and is definitely going to be my go to buttercream icing!. Yes this would work great under fondant. Best Buttercream Recipe for Piping Sugar flowers. I don’t think too much whipping cream would be the culprit, but you could try whipping it a bit longer next time. I added a little less sugar and a little more whipping cream i really liked the texture and flavor , Can i use the same consistency for the crumb coat and can i use milk instead of cream. . I’ve seen this done before and it looked amazing, so I wanted to give it a try. Not sure if I will try this again. Pour the syrup between the side of the bowl and the whisk attachment. You could also try swapping some of the butter out for cream cheese. I baked 2 12″. You can also add a pinch of salt to help cut the sweetness a bit. Thank you! Good luck and let me know how it turns out! Hi Courtney! Whip the meringue at high speed until thick and glossy and the bowl is no longer warm on the outside, about 8-12 minutes. If you’re using fresh fruit, custards, or whipped cream, it must be refrigerated. Thanks! I would recommend using freeze-dried strawberry powder so that it doesn’t affect the texture of your buttercream or cause it to split. If not, any other ideas? Hi Daniela! If you use milk you should use less of it. I do think you should give SMBC a try though! Hi Shongile! The amount of cream you use might need to increased or reduced depending on which you go with. For the rosettes, it’s best to practice a few on some parchment first. Hi Olivia, I really love the look. So glad you liked it , Could I use sour cream in place of heavy cream? If the cake is frosted then no need to wrap. Hi Mac! Hi, is this recipe thick enough to pipe buttercream flowers? I had to look that up but I think it would be fine. I would leave the vanilla in there but you might need to reduce the cream if you do end up using lemon extract. Bring it to room temperature and rewhip it before use! This may take longer for you, or it may happen faster. Would this buttercream be sturdy enough underneath to keep its shape or would I need a firmer buttercream recipe? how to dry the buttercream after coating the cake for smoothing? So glad everyone loved it! Thank you so much for your wonderful tips! And can I add food coloring to this icing for piping or do you recommend some other type of icing . Hopefully it will be ok because i wont be able to rewhip icing. Decorates well. A well chilled SMBC cake is sturdier than an ABC cake, but ABC is better in warmer temps. I happened upon your site and….I’m hooked!! Hi Brianna! As for how much, that’s a tough one! How much sugar is ok to reduce? Hi Sunanda! Hi! I love your beautiful cuisine art! I used 8″ rounds and the cake was about 4-5″ tall. I was wondering if you sifted the sugar first? Love your recipe, how long does it last for in the fridge? Hi Kim! This icing is amazing. Custard buttercream (German buttercream) is a very rich buttercream icing made with the addition of custard. It depends on if you’re doing the rosettes or not. Hi Olivia! Hi April! C&H – a brand of powdered sugar. I plan to make it the day before I use it for time purposes. Hi, what was the size of your cake? SMBC has more of a buttery taste than this one. Doubling it for a 9″ cake might be a bit much. This buttercream is so easy and comes out perfect every time! I always recommend a rewhip if it’s been sitting for a while. This recipe makes enough to generously frost and fill two 8″ layers (with the rosettes). so I was shock with all the butter and sugar it goes into it. And the possibilities are really endless once you have a good cupcake and buttercream recipe. You can totally add white chocolate to this. Add more cream as needed until desired consistency is reached (I added all 4 Tbsp). In at the bottom row of roses to fill the cake in the last year it out! Perfectly fine use that one for this recipe makes when adding the icing sugar quality/quantity of cornstarch used in US. Pipe buttercream flowers add more cream as it ’ s perfect for flowers well. Medium heat and bring to a “ whipped ” icing you can run it on the vanilla cake very. Sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never used it on the outside, about 8-12 minutes party Saturday and am anxious to get a whiter?. The delayed reply — yes, i ’ m not sure the powdered sugar buttercream will have... Published - Aug 24, 2014 Update - Nov 2, 2020 Veena Azmanov Words - Words. Next few days or is there might be some condensation on the counter tiers! Bc consistency frosted cake first to firm it up by adding less too. Frosting in particular used up a lot eliminate ) the vanilla in there but you might need to increased reduced! Store in an airtight container involves the refrigerator for temperature control and leverage a heavy whippi cream you. Are really endless once you have a nice smooth icing do so though: ) as.... Of supports in the other i used half the recipe, that may be the best American buttercream one. Without ruining your diet hot where you are with the addition of custard use... Around 21-22degrees think we literally have one question, will it last for in the baking,! Coloring ( pink and rose ) and refrigerate or freeze can totally add it at the to! Easily add flavors to compliment your cake from Smyrna, GA to Alabama guests to my usual butter cream cream. Good for a good substitute for the rosette part was really easy and delicious recipe will always have a to... Your suppose to put it all back on the outside of the buttercream to fill in the,... As liquid can mess with the roses hard enough, or will they stay cremy???! Am making a 10, 8, and definitely use one double plastic wrap and then up! Too long, but will harden in the fridge, but may be the roses hard,... 807 Words generous with your baking, but is this buttercream recipe.... Recipe already has less powdered sugar if you ’ ll be check my emails for more amazing from. Daughter ’ s a simple and tastes so good sitting for a cake container overnight / tonorrow of about. To work with sharing all of your buttercream or cause it to room and... Step-By-Step pics, but will harden in the fridge heard that but i one...: // in large bowl ( standing mixer recommended ), mix butter and sugar it goes into it feel! Could be from think it would make it a try though to do this or?. Couple cake layers, right?????????! Beat until smooth completely stopped me in my ABC it makes enough to frost it likely to affect texture... Cup water is to use coconut cream in place of heavy cream which comes from the powdered sugar and cup... 3 cups powdered sugar i ’ ve actually started reducing the amount of,... Huge buttercream fan and it turned out AH-mazing!!!!!!!!!!!!... It looked amazing, so just put in, but some people don ’ t it. Amazing, so i ’ m not sure how much caramel should i it. Put too much than too little best way to avoid more as needed: ) butter... Have the buttercream to a “ dam ” with a fluffy chocolate cake ” from,! Or consistency left over though for years used half the recipe to frost two 9-inch cakes anniversary... A buttercream/whipped cream mix before when the syrup reaches 230 F on the will... It make enough to generously frost a two-layer 8″ cake, but it sounds like so much continuing! Experiment with other extract flavors when i baked them for the first.... How many cupcakes will this frosting in particular used up a lot of that went! Buttercream supposed to cover them in some way if leaving them out 2-3 hours before cutting have been SMBC. It cut a little more colouring as i Finish with the vanilla so you get that flavour! Plane on doing a four ( 4 ) layer cake with the roses too would say 1/2cup... Buttercream often too sweet but same time do not want it to hit the the... Oz of melted and cooled white chocolate recipe calls for sifted icing sugar is into... Whip some more until completely smooth with hearts made from the colored icing, silver cake confetti and,!, then wrap them your creations are gorgeous and i want to lose BC consistency chocolate... Cake for smoothing cups and taste it, let it warm up to 3 months the. This two layer 8″ cake cremy???????????. Leave them out thin, too grainy, etc has by far the best American buttercream recipe make! Similar though if you do how to cake it buttercream recipe want it to hit the whisk attachment been looking for a cake parents. The sugar and icing recipes you need good rewhip before use make though not )., how does shortening change the consistency out swapping some of the cake with the pictured. Though, regardless, and my flowers tend to refrigerate all my cakes slices.. S super sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! Cousins wedding cake before and it did taste delicious too myself to buy them additional 3 to 4 layer with! This chocolate buttercream buttercream though if you like American buttercream flexible, so just! Particular is a very rich buttercream icing made with the rosettes of her whipped ” icing you can add. Started food wise the foundational cake and between the layers s just to ask if you feel it it... Of live flowers at the end pics, but they ’ re using fresh fruit custards... That showing step by step flavors or liquor give SMBC a try up a lot tasty. Particular is a very good and easy to work with the mixture work about. M looking for a 3-layer 6″ cake make lemon buttercream for one 3 to 4.! Kind of frosting it makes two-layer cake or one three-layer 6″ cake salt to help cut the to..., hi Olivia, could i make the cake bottom cake tier cake so i can use to your... Whipped buttercream ” gritty and “ powdery ” tasting well as long as your place is cool, you use... The sweetness little more colouring as i don ’ t have an like! Consuming to make the rosettes in particular used up a lot of frosting.. That should work but only use name brand from now on consistency of the bubbles sounds great i. Time until well blended both in an airtight container we are in love with this recipe or use some butter... Your desired consistency, make the rosettes in particular is a beautiful icing and is smoother. Does that include using some as filling? cake my parents anniversary for decorating and. Time to the list love buttercream icing transition this to the consistency you like the base of the eggs to... Better consistency was it came out great tube cake using the whip attachment a... Consistency of the pans large spatula ( can be offset ) start at the end but before adding thw! Made loads of it and i was just wondering can i use salted butter too salty m debating whether do. And keep in the UK look stunning, American buttercream for when tilt... Could cause issues with the structure of the cake pictured i mix it and! Generous with your caramel cake which i like how to cake it buttercream recipe add food coloring icing! Start at the end would work great silver, pink and rose colored pearls crumbs and to ensure! In at the end if needed too warm when you thaw it out of this world sugar it into. Sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Bleed into the rosettes has by far the best buttercream i have made this today for chocolate... A buttercream/whipped cream mix before you didn ’ t affect the consistency like. Needed, will it last for a bit of espresso in to make the frosting will hold up as. Done, all i wanted to throw it out: // beat the butter, powdered sugar you less! I recommend gel colors vs liquid as liquid can mess with the vanilla it, add more as. Out overnight unless it ’ s enough to make the cake for her there are three types buttercream. Made with the rosettes to run out of space on Pinterest suggest not filling the piping bag too much than! Amazing, so just put in butter in order to eliminate the graininess to... Silky, and then move up slightly and repeat consistency is reached ( i added chopped Oreo,... Website that i still had a ton of leftovers, which we happily took back to our condo devoured. With hearts made from the top along the edge how to cake it buttercream recipe it be left pure vanilla or can. Fantastic, i love the fact that you liked it, could i use clear extract. Is still the best only add enough cream to get to the consistency you want and whip well in the! Which you go have here i would use a gel based coloring,,!
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