Woodwind, Brass & Violin Repairs

Flute Repairs

A Make Play repair is when the instrument needs minimal work to restore it to
playing condition - i.e. 1-8 pads, straighten keys or tenons, tenon corks, etc.

When an instrument is revived to “like new” playing conditions. 
This does not include refinishing or re-plating any surfaces.
Overhaul includes: all new pads, new corks, cleaning body & keys, polish keys & body
(where applicable), replace springs as needed, oil wood instruments,
reassemble, lubricate, adjust, and play test.


  Make Play Cost Overhaul Cost
    Labor Parts
Piccolo (plastic) $30/up+ parts $275 $65
Piccolo (wood) $30/up+ parts $300 $65
Flute (C foot) $30/up+ parts $235 $43
Flute (B Open Hole) $30/up + parts $260 $45
Flute ( C Open Hole) $25/up + parts $250 $43
Additional Services
Replace pad 1 at $35, each additional $17.50 + parts
Replace head joint cork $20 + parts
Adjust tenon $35 each